Chantilly cream/sweet cream recipe

Chantilly cream/sweet cream recipe

  •     Whipping cream or double cream, I prefer double
  •     Caster sugar
  •     Flavouring (optional) vanilla is the most commonly used
  •     Measuring jug
  •     Mixing bowl
  •     Hand whisk or electric whisk, or food processor with cream whipping attachment
Cooking method (3-10 minutes)
  1.     Measure out the desired amount of cream, it will generally double in size when whipped. Pout on mixing bowl/food processor, I usually leave it in the measuring jug and whisk with an electric hand whisk.
  2.     Add sugar, I usually use about 10-15% of the amount of cream (or 1 tbsp per 100ml of cream) the more you use the sweeter the cream will be but also it will make it heavier rather than nice and light, as chantilly cream should be.
  3.     Add the desired amount of flavouring, try not to overdo it.
  4.     Whisk until the cream just holds its shape in peaks and is smooth, silky and glossy. If you over-whip it it will got claggy and if you overdo it a bit more it will split. As it gets thicker slow down the whisking or stop every so often to check.
  5.     Voila! Pipe it, spread it, spoon it into your mouth, whatever!
How does Reese eat her cream?


So it’s literally whipped cream, with a bit of sugar and a fancy name.

Costing this recipe the price is mainly in the cream which I believe is about £4 a litre.

Though it should double in size the weight will pretty much be the same apart from the addition of the sugar and flavour as the only thing you’re adding is air (by whisking) and last I checked it doesn’t weight much.

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