Vanilla fudge recipe

Vanilla fudge recipe

Fudge! Who doesn’t love fudge, soft, sweet and, well, fudgey.

It’s pretty tricky to get it right, so a sugar thermometer/digital thermometer will really help here.

To the recipe!

Ingredients: makes about 1kg of fudge (£3-6)
  •     450g caster sugar
  •     450g double cream
  •     100g butter
  •     20g glucose syrup, about a tablespoon
  •     1 tbsp of vanilla extract, essence or vanilla bean paste, paste tastes better but is more expensive.
  •     1 tbsp salt
  •     Cake/baking tin, preferably square or rectangle and fairly large (18-23cm)
  •     Saucepan
  •     Wooden spoon
  •     Sugar thermometer or digital thermometer
  •     Pallet knife
  •     (Optional) baking paper
Cooking method (45-60+ minutes)
  1.     If you’re using baking paper, line the tin with it.
  2.     Put the cream, butter, sugar and liquid glucose in a saucepan with the thermometer in on a low heat until the butter has melted and the sugar is dissolved, stir occasionally and gently. Make sure the saucepan is big enough to hold it all but small enormous go for the thermometer to get a proper reading.
  3.     Turn the heat up, you need it to reach the soft ball stage, which is 116°c, be careful using full heat as you don’t want to burn anything to the bottom of the pan, try to use more gradual heat stirring occasionally and gently.
  4.     Take the pan off the heat and keep an eye on it until it reaches 110°c, this should take 5-10 minutes.
  5.     Add the vanilla and salt and mix in.
  6.     Now for the hard work, if you’ve got a standing mixer with a beater attachment it will do the work for you here, if not it’s time to grab the wooden spoon and mix the fudge quite vigorously. You need to keep the thermometer in whilst doing this so try not to knock it out. Mix continuously until it reaches 60°c.
  7.     Take the thermometer out at 60 and keep on mixing for 5-10 minutes.
  8.     The mixing is what gives it its fudgey texture, by now it should be thick and look like fudge, if not it either needs more mixing or it hasn’t been mixed enough through the process.
  9.     Pour it in the tin and smooth it out. Cover and leave for 12 hours. Don’t put it in the fridge! It will ruin the texture.
  10.     Eat lots of fudge!

This should cost you some where in the region of £3.50, but can be nearly double depending on the quality of vanilla you use, most supermarket extracts are ok.

Again it depends how big/small you cut the cubes but it works out at about 9p each, I usually get 35-40 cubes.


As you’d imagine fudge is pretty dangerous stuff! But all the good stuff is.

Here’s the values based on a 28g serving

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