Vanilla cheesecake recipe

Vanilla cheesecake recipe

The cake that’s not a sponge, but more of a big cheesy biscuit.

I’ve got a ton of cheesecake recipes which I will eventually get round to writing up, but for now I thought it best to start with a classic,

Vanilla cheesecake!

To the recipe,

Ingredients (makes 1 cheesecake)
For the base
  •     250-300g digestive biscuits
  •     100-200g butter
For the filling
  •     600g cream cheese
  •     100g icing sugar
  •     300ml double cream
  •     Either; vanilla flavouring, essence, extract or a vanilla pod, a pod tastes best
  •     Cake tin (23-26cm)
  •     Either a food processor, or a ziplock bag, tea towel and rolling pin.
  •     Mixing bowl
  •     Wooden spoon
  •     Palette knife
  •     Whisk or electric whisk
  •     Microwave or saucepan
  •     Cling film
Cooking method (25-30 minutes)
  1.     Start by greasing the cake tin with butter.
  2.     Either blitz the biscuits in a food processor, or put them in a ziplock bag, wrap it with a tea towel and smash it with a rolling pin until you have fine crumbs, if doing the second method be careful as it can get quite messy.
  3.     Melt the butter in a saucepan/microwave and add it to the biscuit. Mix with a wooden spoon, the more butter you use the better the base will set but don’t overdo it or it will go soggy. On the other hand don’t use too little or it won’t bind together.
  4.     Pour the biscuit mix into the cake tin and pat down into a base with a wooden spoon or your hands.
  5.     Cover with cling film and put on the fridge for 15-20 minutes to set.
  6.     Now onto the filling, put the cream cheese in a bowl with the icing sugar and whisk together until smooth.
  7.     Add the flavour, (scrape out the inside if using a pod) add to the bowl and mix well.
  8.     There’s 2 ways to add the cream, you can either add it straight to the mix and whisk until fully mixed, or you can whip it the fold it into the mix with a spatula. The second give a lighter cheesecake.
  9.     Take the base out of the fridge, remove the clingfilm and spoon in the filling, level and smooth with a pallet knife.
  10.     Recover with cling film and return to the fridge for 30+ minutes.
  11.     Try not to eat it all at once.
Just Brie mine

Not really the right kind of cheese but it might appeal to some.

For all you cheesecake lovers, I’ll be adding more cheesecake recipes over time so keep your peepers peeled.

I’ll also be adding s recipe soon for London cheesecake, which isn’t a cheesecake (or cake) at all, it’s a pastry.

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