My chai powder recipe

My chai powder recipe

For a jar of Chai (about 41 g):

    20 g cardamom
    12 g ginger
    9 g cinnamom
    a pinch of powdered clove or 1-2 cloves

I also give you larger quantities, if you want to offer your Chai blend to friends. It’s a nice and original gift idea!

For about 3 pots de Chai (125 g) :

    60 g cardamom
    37 g g ginger
    28 g cinnamon
    ½ coffee spoon of powdered cloves or or 4-5 cloves

Cooking method
If you use powdered spices, mix all the spices until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Otherwise you can use a food processor. Put all your spices in the bowl and mix all the ingredients for 10 to 30 seconds at maximum power depending on the spices you have to mix. The final result is a beautiful homogeneous powder.

A little anti-waste tip if you use a food processor. Once your preparation is emptied, there may be some chaï left. Add a little chocolate powder and milk (almond for me!) to have a delicious chocolate and spicy drink.

Of course you can also use this blend to flavour your cookies, cakes, cereals, creams, it works perfectly!

During these festive times, I feel an even greater desire to drink spicy drinks. For gourmet drinks, you can test different combinations:
  •     Chai + milk (vegetable or not)
  •     Chai + chocolate milk / flavoured
  •     Chai + matcha + milk
My guilty pleasure of the moment: the caramel latte macchiato + chai powder or the matcha with almond milk + chai powder !

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