Mayonnaise base recipe

Mayonnaise base recipe

The gloopy gunk that people love, it’s white and spunky,

Yes, it’s mayonnaise of course!

On its own, I can’t stand the stuff, but as a base it’s handy stuff, kind of like food glue.

This recipe is for absolute bog standard mayo with no particular flavour but I’ll mention a bit more on that after, to the recipe!

(If you have a food processor then it will do all the hard work for you here, but keep in mind if you have a large food processor you will probably need to make a larger amount, if you have a small/mini one the below recipe should work fine)

Ingredients (makes about 300ml)
  •     2 egg yolks
  •     250ml oil, olive oil makes wonderful mayo but it’s not cheap, any regular oil like sunflower or rapeseed is great for adding flavours to
  •     2-3 tsp white wine vinegar or lemon juice (you can just use water but it’s not quite as easy)
  •     Food processor
  •     If you don’t have a food processor; a mixing bowl or measuring jug
  •     A measuring jug
  •     Either a whisk, electric whisk or immersion blender (hand blender)
Cooking method (5-10 minutes)
If you have a food processor;
  1.     Put the egg yolk in the food processor with the vinegar/lemon juice and pulse until fully mixed together.
  2.     Add about 1/2 tsp of oil, pluse for 5-10 seconds or until fully mixed, and repeat. Do this about ten times.
  3.     Now start to do the same thing with about 1tsp of oil.
  4.     Gradually add larger amounts of oil until you’ve used it all and you’re left with a thick mayonnaise.
If you don’t have a food processor;
  1.     Put the egg yolks in a mixing bowl with the vinegar/lemon juice and mix well.
  2.     Add about 1/2 a tsp of oil and mix until fully incorporate, repeat this about 10 times.
  3.     Now do the same thing but with 1tsp of oil.
  4.     Keep doing this with increasing amounts of oil until you have a thick mayonnaise.
Things to remember

The acid in the vinegar/lemon juice helps with the emulsification but try not to use too much as it can ruin flavour.

Make sure any oil is properly incorporated before adding any more oil, otherwise it’ll probably split.

Try not to over-whisk, especially with an electric whisk or food processor, as this can cause overheating and again make it split.

Mustard also helps with the emulsification, so if your going to add it I’d recommend putting it in before adding the oil.

When it comes to flavours you can try pretty much anything, different spices and herbs all work well.

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