Mascarpone lemon cheesecake

Mascarpone lemon cheesecake

This cheesecake uses mascarpone instead of regular cream cheese, which gives it a much creamier texture.

I like to do it with lemon because regular cream cheese has a slight sharpness/tang to it whereas marscarpone is a lot more mild.

Here’s the recipe!

Ingredients (makes 1 cheesecake)
For the base
  •     1 pack of digestive biscuits
  •     100-200g butter
  •     1-2tbsp brown sugar (preferably light)
For the filling
  •     200-300g marscarpone
  •     200-300g double cream
  •     50g caster sugar
  •     100-200g icing sugar
  •     2-3 lemons
  •     Food processor, or ziplock bag and a rolling pin
  •     Zester or fine grater
  •     Knife, or lemon juicer
  •     Mixing bowl
  •     Whisk, an electric one helps
  •     Microwave or saucepan
  •     Tart/cake dish
  •     Wooden spoon
  •     Spatula
  •     Pallet knife
Cooking method (45+minutes)
  1.     First make the base by smashing the biscuits, this is where a food processor helps, if you don’t have one just put the biscuits in a ziplock bag, wrap it in a tea towel and smash it with a rolling pin until it’s fine with little or no lumps.
  2.     Melt the butter in the microwave/saucepan and mix with the biscuit until it holds its shape, using more butter will help it hold better but too much will make the base go soggy so don’t over do it.
  3.     Grease the tart dish with butter and place the crumb in, fill the base and push down with a wooden spoon/hands.
  4.     Put in the fridge for 10-20 minutes to chill.
  5.     Whilst it’s chilling make the filling by beating the mascarpone with the icing sugar until smooth. Zest the lemons and mix well into the cheese. Juice the lemons and add a little at a time, mixing well in between adding more juice, until you have the desired flavour.
  6.     Whisk the cream with the caster sugar to soft peaks and fold it into the cheese with a spatula.
  7.     Spoon the mixture on to the biscuit base and smooth over with a pallet knife.
  8.     Chill for at least 30 minutes, preferably a few hours.
  9.     Either cut into portions, or just eat it like a huge biscuit.

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