London cheesecake recipe

London cheesecake recipe

Is it a cheesecake? No.

Is it a cake? No.

Does it have cheese? No.

Is it from London?

Honestly, I’m not sure, but from what I’ve heard it comes from an English chap who coined it with the name when given a task to do under pressure (scroll to the bottom for the story)


Ingredients (makes 6 pastries, or 1 huge one)
  •     1 (or more) sheet of pre rolled puff pastry
  •     Frangipane, enough to fill the pastry, 250-300g should be plenty
  •     Jam, whatever you like best
  •     Desiccated coconut
  •     Icing sugar to make enough chocolate icing to cover the top of the pastry(s) (200-400g)
  •     Eggwash or some milk
  •     Knife
  •     Baking tray
  •     Baking paper
  •     Desert spoon
  •     Mixing bowl
  •     Sieve
  •     Pastry brush
Cooking method (30-60 minutes)
  1.     Start by heating the oven to about 180°c fan.
  2.     Unroll the sheet of pastry and cut it in half along the long edge.
  3.     Now you want to cut each half into 6, (with each half separately) cut the half in half vertically and then into thirds horizontally. This should leave you with 12 equal square/rectangles of puff pastry.
  4.     line a baking tray with baking paper and put 6 pieces of pastry on it, these are the bases for your London cheesecakes.
  5.     In the middle of each put about 1 tbsp of jam and flatten it a little, you want to leave 0.5-1 inch bare around the edges.
  6.     Put some frangipane on top of the jam and spread out a little to cover it.
  7.     Brush a small amount of egg wash/milk around the edges of put the top on each ‘cheesecake’. Push down lightly and try to make sure no filling comes out.
  8.     Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes until golden and risen.
  9.     When they’re ready take out of the oven to cook and make the icing by sifting the sugar into a mixing bowl. Add 1-2 tbsp of water and mix, add more water accordingly but only a tiny bit at a time as it’s easy to over do. Mix until thick but plyable.
  10.     When the pastry is cool cover each one with icing and sprinkle desiccated coconut oven the top.
  11.     Eat one, or two, or..ten?
Where did it come from?

I first heard about this a coworker mentioned a cockney cheesecake, some kind of pastry with coconut.

After looking into it turns out he meant a London cheesecake, and after some research it seems there’s mixed opinions on why it’s given that name, a lot of people seem to think it’s because the coconut represents cheese curds.

The most amusing story I found, and is the one I always go with, is that on a trip to America an English person was asked by an American friend to show him what a cheesecake is as he’d heard how great they are.

No knowing how to make it, the Englishman went through the cupboards and put together something with what he could find, the end product was given to the American as a ‘London cheesecake’.

Or so the story goes.

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