Liquid glucose recipe

Liquid glucose recipe

Liquid glucose is pretty much what it says it is, liquid sugar.

It’s used mainly for confectionary, adding liquid glucose to something that already has glucose (sugar) will (or should) stop the sugar from crystallising.

I recently put up a recipe for fudge which calls for liquid glucose, buying it from a shop can be surprisingly expensive, about £2 for 140g whereas making it cuts the cost down to £1 for about 500-700g.

Ingredients (makes about 600g)
  •     500g sugar, granulated has a lower chance of crystallising but I’ve always used granulated
  •     200ml water
  •     5g cream of tartar
  •     2-4g citric acid, or lemon juice
  •     Saucepan
  •     Something to put the glucose in, I use glass jars
  •     Wooden spoon
Cooking method (10+ minutes)
  1.     Put all the ingredients in a pan on a low heat and stir gently until everything has dissolved.
  2.     Leave the heat low and cook for anywhere between 5-35 minutes, I like to use as low a heat as possible. It should thicken up when it’s ready. Remember to stir occasionally.
  3.     Transfer to jars or whatever you’re using to store it in.
  4.     Use when needed.

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