Jerk glazed ham recipe

Jerk glazed ham recipe

Ingredients: makes about 700g of ham
  •     750g unsmoked gammon joint
  •     1 onion
  •     1 carrot
  •     2 sticks of celery
  •     5-7 peppercorns
  •     3-5 cloves
  •     3-5 bay leaves
  •     Small bunch of fresh thyme
  •     4-5 allspice berries (pimento)
  •     Water
For the glaze/sauce
  •     5 scotch bonnets
  •     1 medium onion
  •     About 2 inches of fresh ginger
  •     1-2 tbsp ground allspice
  •     1-2 tbsp ground cinnamon
  •     2 tbsp of garlic paste
  •     5 spring onions
  •     1 tbsp ground black pepper
  •     1 tsp ground cinnamon
  •     2 tbsp dark soft brown sugar
  •     1-2 tbsp dark soy sauce
  •     1 tbsp dried thyme
  •     1-2 chicken stock cubes
  •     Large saucepan with a lid
  •     Baking tray
  •     Food processor or immersion blender and measuring jug.
  •     Knife
  •     Chopping board
  •     Ladle
Cooking method: 90-120 minutes
  1. First get the ham on, put it in a saucepan big enough to cover it with water and put the lid on, add the other ingredients (not for the glaze/sauce) and fill with water.
  2.     Put on a high heat, as it comes to boil skim the foam off the top with a ladle. Turn the heat down low and put the lid on, it will take about 60-80 minutes to cook.
  3.     While it’s cooking make the glaze by putting all the ingredients in a food processor or mixing bowl and blitz until pastey, it will probably be a little bit runny.
  4.     About 15 minutes before the ham is cooked turn the oven on to 200°c fan.
  5.     When the ham is ready take out of the water (now a stock) and put on a baking tray/roasting dish. The stock is handy for another soup or sauce.
  6.     cover the ham with as much jerk glaze/sauce as you like. Put in the over for 15-25 minutes. Leave to cool, slice and serve.
Alternative recipe

My favourite way to do jerk ham is to cooking for about and extra hour in the water so when it comes out you can pull it (like pulled pork) and the mix it with the jerk sauce and cook

in the oven (jerk pulled gammon)


The cost for the above recipe is about £8.25, or about 75p per slice.

Keep in mind as well as the ham you get a wonderful stock to use as well that’s easily worth £2-3.

The main cost comes from all the spices in the jerk sauce and the ham, seeing as you can’t really cut down on the ham you could buy premade jerk sauce which may be cheaper but honestly I’m not sure.


The above recipe should get you about 12-15 slices. Weighing about 70-80g each.

Here’s the nutrition info per slice

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