Frangipane recipe

Frangipane recipe

Frangipane! Frangipani!

A funny name which translates to something like almond paste.

This stuff is delicious, it’s like a pastry creme version marzipan, the recipe uses almonds which is what gives it that marzipany taste.

Here’s the recipe;

Ingredients (makes about 1kg)
  •     1 block of butter (250g)
  •     Either vanilla flavour, essence, extract or a fresh pod
  •     200g caster sugar
  •     6 medium eggs, or 5 large
  •     250g ground almonds
  •     Mixing bowl
  •     Whisk, an electric one will make your life a lot easier, you can get one for a fiver in most supermarkets
  •     Microwave if you need to soften butter
  •     Spatula
Cooking method (5-10 minutes)
  1.     The whole things a lot quicker and easier if you get the butter nice and soft (warm) first. A microwave is ideal for this but don’t turn it into liquid, it should still hold its shape but if you put your finger in it it’ll go right through. If you don’t have a microwave just put it somewhere warm (airing cupboard) for 39 minutes first.
  2.     Now you need to cream (mix) the butter, sugar and vanilla so put it all in a mixing bowl and whisk away until its light, smooth and sugary vanilla heaven.
  3.     Crack one of the eggs into the bowl and whisk for another minute or so until the egg is fully incorporated to the mix.
  4.     Repeat step 3 until you have no eggs left. Now put the whisk away.
  5.     Sprinkle enough ground almonds to fully cover the top of the mixture in the bowl and fold it in with a spatula. When it’s mixed do the same until the ground almonds are all gone.
  6.     That’s it!
What happens if you eat lots of almonds?

You will run out of almonds.

Frangipane, or frangipani, is like an almond (marzipan flavoured) pastry cream that you can use to pipe in or on to things or just as a pie/tart filling, you can pretty much turn it into a cake by adding some flour.

Enjoy! I’ll be following this up with a recipe you can use frangipani in.

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