Fragrant yellow basmati rice recipe

Fragrant yellow basmati rice recipe

It doesn’t have to be yellow, but why not!

Turmeric, along with cloves, cardamom and a few other tasty aromas give this rice its appetising scent.

Perfect with a curry and easy to master let’s get to the recipe.

Ingredients (serves 4-6)
  •     400g Basmati rice
  •     600ml Water/chicken stock
  •     Salt and pepper
  •     2-3 tsp ground turmeric
  •     4 cardamom pods
  •     4 cloves
  •     1 cinnamon stick
  •     4 dried bay leaves
  •     1/2 a star anise
  •     1 tsp oil or butter
The amounts on spices are just guidelines, adjust according to preference.

  •     Saucepan with a lid
  •     Measuring jug
  •     Tin foil
Cooking method (30+ minutes)
  1.     In a saucepan warm the butter/oil on a low heat with all of the spices apart from the ground turmeric, heat for 2-3 minutes to release fragrance.
  2.     Add the rice and turmeric and mix well in the pan.
  3.     Add the water/stock and turn the heat up full.
  4.     Stir occasionally to stop any rice sticking/burning to the bottom of the pan, as it comes to a boil turn the heat down low a cover with a lid. Cook for 9 minutes without disturbing the pan or removing the lid.
  5.     After 9 minutes take the lid off (watch out for steam!) and wrap some tinfoil tightly around the top of the pan as airtight as possible like a lid.
  6.     Turn the heat off and leave the pan on the cooking ring for 20+ minutes, if recommend a minimum of 30 minutes. The rice should stay hot for 1-2 hours until you remove the tinfoil.
  7.     Remove any spices that have risen to the top then fluff with a fork, removing any whole spices you can see.
  8.     Serve and enjoy!
Tin foil hats at the ready..

The reason we use foil is to help with the steaming of the rice, which is also why you want to leave it costs Ceres for 20+ minutes before serving.

The rice will be cooked after the initial 9-10 minutes, but steaming it through after will (or should) provide wonderfully fluffy rice that doesn’t stick together.

Try it both ways and you should see quite a noticeable difference!

This rice goes great with most types of curry, or just on its own as a snack.

Rice can be frozen and reheated in a microwave, but it tends to go quite claggy.

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