Classic lemon tart recipe

Classic lemon tart recipe

Sharp and citrus! With delicious pastry.

Lemon tart (should) go down well pretty much anywhere, anytime.

Ingredients (makes 1 large tart, 16 portions, or 8 large)
  •     500g shortcrust pastry
  •     8-10 eggs
  •     5-8 lemons (8 is pretty intense)
  •     250-350g caster sugar depending on your sweet tooth
  •     200-300ml double cream
  •     Flour to roll pastry
  •     Rolling pin
  •     A quiche/tart dish, around 23-28cm
  •     Tin foil
  •     Baking beans, or rice etc. (Dry and weighty)
  •     Mixing bowl
  •     Whisk
Cooking method (45-90 minutes)
  1.     If you haven’t already, masker some shortcrust pastry.
  2.     Heat oven to about 160°c fan (gas 4)
  3.     Roll it out to about 1-1.3cm thickness, put in pastry case and blind bake for 15-20 minutes, I’ll upload a guide on blind baking on my next day off.
  4.     While the case is in the oven get the filling ready by putting the eggs, sugar and cream in a mixing bowl and mix well, you can add a few extra egg yolks if you want it to make it a bit richer.
  5.     Now zest the lemons into the mix, how many is up to you, when zesting try not to get the piff (white part under the skin and before the fruit) as it makes it more bitter, we want sweetness.
  6.     Juice the desired amount of lemon juice, add and mix well. Lemon juice really adds sharpness, so you want enough to counteract the sugar but not incapacitate your mouth. At the end of it it’s all down to personal taste.
  7.     When the case is ready turn the oven down to 140-150°c fan (gas 3). Pour the mixture in and bake for about 49 minutes, I set a timer every 10 minutes to check to adjust heat/turn it round if needed.
  8.     Voila! Ideally you want to chill it before eating, but some things can’t be helped.
You saucy tart

Maybe not so saucy, or at least until you cook it, but a joy to eat nonetheless.

You can cut the recipe in half for a smaller tart, or you could use a cupcake/muffin tray to make mini tarts.

Having a look at the supermarkets, the price seems to range from about £2.50-£4, that’s for a regular (8 slice) tart, about 400-450g which is close enough to half the size of the above recipe.

Costing the recipe (I used tesco online for prices) the above recipe will set you back about £4.25 or about 26p a serving, giving you twice as much for the same (similar) price, and its homemade(!)

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