Champion chips recipe

Champion chips recipe

Chippy chips chips, everyone loves chips!

If you don’t, then you probably should but I’m not one to judge.

What with storms taking over the past few weekends, why not have a go at these chunk-a-dunk homemade chips.

This is my favourite recipe for mouth watering moreish chips.


Ingredients (serves 1-2)
  •     4 large potatoes, russets come out well
  •     2 medium onions
  •     1 bulb of garlic
  •     Handful of fresh thyme on the stalk
  •     Handful of fresh rosemary on the stalk.
  •     Oil, I usually use rapeseed or sunflower (enough to deep fry)
  •     Salt and pepper (preferably sea salt)
  •     Water
  •     Medium/large saucepan, if you have 2 it speeds things up a bit
  •     Roasting tray/oven dish
  •     Knife
  •     Chopping board
  •     Collider or slotted spoon
  •     Plate
  •     Kitchen towel
  •     If you have a deep fat fryer it helps, if not we just use a saucepan on the hob
Cooking method (25-30 minutes)
  1.     Start by peeling the potato and cutting the chips, I haven’t done a guide for this yet I’ll try and get one up tonight, but it’s similar to a julienne slice. I cut them quite thick, about 1 inch squares and usually get 4-6 chips from 1 potato.
  2.     Put the chips the a saucepan, slice the onions into quarter and add to the pan (skin still on).
  3.     Separate the cloves from the bulb on garlic and roughly crush them, add to the pan (skin still on).
  4.     Add the rosemary, thyme and a fair amount of salt.
  5.     Fill with water until everything is covered and put on a high heat to boil.
  6.     Either turn on your deep fat fryer (180°c) or fill another saucepan with oil and put on a high heat.
  7.     As the potatoes come up to boil turn the heat down but only slightly. Keep an eye on them but they should need about 5-10 minutes depending how thick you’ve cut them (thinner will cook quicker). You want them to be at the point of nearly being ready to mash, but still hold their shape enough to manoeuvre.
  8.     When they are ready either drain with a colander and put the chips on a wire rack/chopping board or remove from the pan with a slotted spoon.
  9.     Let them cool for a minute or two then deep fry for 3-5 minutes until golden brown, if using a saucepan turn the heat down slightly when you add the chips, and before adding test the oil is hot enough by holding a chip and dipping it in.
  10.     Remove when ready and put on a plate/bowl with kitchen towel. You can get them warm in the oven but they will lost their crispness overtime, but they will become nice and soft.
  11.     If you want to make these to freeze, only half cook them when deep frying, clean of oil and freeze. To finish them off just add to hot oil straight from the freezer or defrost first.
Chip chip horay!

Now you can enjoy top notch chips all day long.

It seems that chips, or fries first started showing up in Latin America around the 17th century.

Here in England the first chips that were commercially available were reportedly made by a mrs.’Granny’ Dulce in 1854, more than 100 years after Latin America.

This started the English fast-food tradition of what we know and love today as fish and chips.

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