Addictive apple crumble recipe

Addictive apple crumble recipe


Call it what you want, apple crumble always reminds me of Sunday’s when I was a kid, for me it’s with a big dollop of ice cream but custards always good.

Quick and easy (and delicious). This can be knocked up in about 30-40 minutes.

I will post a recipe with fresh apples soon, but I’ll be honest it tastes just as good with tinned apples.

Ingredients (serves 6-8)
  •     2 tins of sliced apples (about 600g, drained)
  •     500g self raising flour
  •     250g butter
  •     250g sugar (I usually use half caster, half demerara
  •     Mixing bowl
  •     Knife
  •     Oven dish big enough to hold everything.
Cooking method (30-40 minutes)
  1.     Heat the oven to about 170°c (fan)
  2.     Make the crumble, put the sugar and flour it a bowl. Cut the butter into cubes and add to the bowl, rub it all together with your fingertips until it looks like crumble, it should take 3-5 minutes.
  3.     Empty the apples into the dish.
  4.     Lightly cover with all the crumble (don’t push it down as it will all push together and cook as a big lump instead of crumble.
  5.     Cook for 30-40 minutesnuntil golden brown
  6.     Enjoy!
Tooty frooty; an apple that plays the trumpet.

Fiendishly simple, and just as tasty.

Apple crumble has been a classic since around world war 2, where rations meant it more economical than pies, to cut costs even more sometimes half the flour would be replaced with oats, which can add a nice texture.

Although it’s common to be sweet, crumble can also be savoury, such as a fish or vegetable crumble.

Hope you enjoy!

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