A valuable bean, rich in
minerals and diseasepreventing
plant chemicals,
soybeans are a complete
source of protein and an ideal
food for vegetarians.

Soybeans have been cultivated in China for over 10,000 years and are among the few plant sources of complete protein, containing all eight essential amino acids needed in our diet. Soy is also an excellent source of calcium, B vitamins, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. It is a very rich source of iron, although this iron may only be absorbed by the body if consumed with vitamin C-rich foods. Soy is rich in plant chemicals that offer protection from diseases, including breast and prostate cancers and heart disease. A regular intake of soybeans can also reduce menopausal symptoms.

  • Complete source of low saturated fat protein.

  • Rich in plant compounds, which may help protect against hormone-based cancers.

  • Help lower “bad” cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

  • Can reduce symptoms of the menopause, including hot flushes.

Practical tips:

Canned soybeans are a quick and easy alternative to dried beans and contain a similar nutritional profile. Use beans in soups and casseroles, mash for a dip, or add to vegetable burgers. Tofu is made from processed soybeans and is a good low-fat, lowsodium alternative. Some of the wheat flour in baking recipes can be replaced with soy flour to increase nutrient content.

Edamame is the name for fresh soybeans, which you can find ready podded, frozen, or, sometimes, fresh in delis and markets. Cook and use them as you would fava beans and other fresh legumes.

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