This low-fat, high-protein
shellfish contains l-tyrosine
for brain power and high
levels of selenium for
protection from cancer.

Like mussels, crabs are low in total fat and saturates and rich in minerals. Crabmeat is a good source of ltyrosine, an amino acid that has been shown to help brain power. It contains as much protein as a similar weight of lean beef and is therefore ideal for vegetarians who eat fish and seafood. A 3½ oz/100 g portion of crab provides over half of a day’s recommended intake of selenium, a powerful mineral with anticancer action as well as a quarter of a day’s folate. This vitamin helps to protect against birth defects, and is also linked to a reduction in levels of blood homocysteine, which is a contributing factor in heart disease.

  • Excellent source of low saturated fat protein, which also contains omega-3 fats.

  • Rich in several important minerals.

  • Contributes a range of B vitamins in good amounts.

  • Very good choice for people watching their weight.

Practical tips:

You can buy live crabs and boil them at home, but many people prefer to buy prepared and dressed crabs, or frozen packages of cooked crabmeat. Unfortunately, canned crab is often high in sodium and has lost much of its omega-3 fats. The white meat is delicately flavored while the brown meat is rich and strong tasting both are best served simply with lemon and black pepper.

There are more than 8,000 species of fresh and saltwater crabs. Every year, over 1 million tons are eaten.

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