The very high vitamin E content of almonds offers protection against cancer, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, arthritis, infertility, and skin problems.

Almonds are the seeds of the drupe fruit related to peaches and plums. They are rich in monounsaturated fats and, due to their high fat content, take a long time for the body to digest. This can help keep hunger at bay and help people watching their weight. Almonds are extremely high in vitamin E, which protects against cancer and cardiovascular diseases, helps reduce the pain of osteoarthritis, and keeps skin healthy. Vitamin E can also boost male fertility. Almonds are higher in calcium than almost any other plant food and are therefore an excellent addition to vegan diets and for those who don’t eat dairy products. Satisfying snack to keep hunger at bay and blood sugar levels even. Rich in the antioxidant vitamin E. Very good source of calcium. High in monounsaturated fat for arterial and heart health.

Practical tips:

Buy whole almonds still in their shells or, at least, still in their brown skins—these keep better than blanched, chopped, or slivered almonds. Store in a cool, dark, dry place— the refrigerator is ideal. Almonds marry very well with apricots, peaches, chicken, rice, and red bell peppers.

There is a type of inedible almond, which contains a form of cyanide, known as the bitter almond, that is poisonous but is unavailable in stores.

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